Overview of technologies and resources


Core Connector templates are built in Java in Apache Camel. Apache Camel provides a rule-based routing and mediation engine, which allows for message translation and message routing between the DFSP Core Backend and the Mojaloop Switch.

Templates are Spring-based applications built with Spring Boot. Spring Boot is a module of the Spring framework, which makes it easier to configure Java Spring applications or RESTful web services.

Another framework, Apache CXF, is used as a JAX-RS compliant framework for building RESTful web services.

Maven is used to build and manage Camel projects.

DataSonnet, an open source data transformation language, takes care of the JSON-to-JSON mappings between the Payment Manager API and the DFSP Core Backend API.

Familiarity with the above technologies is a prerequisite to handling templates.


To help implementation efforts, DFSPs are provided with: