Phase 2: Technical Setup

In Phase 2 of the onboarding journey, the Hub Operator and the DFSP share endpoint details and certificates through the Phase 2: Technical Setup section of the Connection Wizard.

phase2 technical setup
Figure 1. Phase 2: Technical Setup

Within the technical setup phase, DFSPs complete the following steps:

Table 1. Steps in Phase 2: Technical Setup
Step More information


Record egress (outbound) and ingress (inbound) endpoints for sharing with the Hub, and retrieve endpoint information submitted by the Hub.



Submit a certificate signing request (CSR) to the Hub.

CSR Exchange


Record certificates of DFSP’s Certificate Authority (CA), and retrieve the root certificate of the Hub’s CA.

Certificate Authority


Share CA-signed TLS server certificate and CA certificates, and retrieve the same for the Hub.

Server Certificates Exchange


Upload JSON Web Signature (JWS) certificate and retrieve the JWS certificate of other DFSPs and the Hub.

JWS Certificates