Introduction to Connection Wizard

The Business Dashboard page (accessible from the left-hand navigation pane) currently contains only mock data and the related functionality is not available yet. It is planned to be added in a future version of the product.

The Connection Wizard guides Digital Financial Service Providers (DFSPs) through their onboarding to the Mojaloop Hub, allowing them to share certificates, as well as to exchange endpoint information with the Hub Operator using a web portal.

The Connection Wizard is built around the major stages of the DFSP onboarding journey, reflecting the environments that the DFSP will be required to connect to:

The names of the environments may differ from the ones provided below. The environments displayed in Connection Wizard will reflect what has been configured by the Hub Operator in the backend.
  • Mojaloop Labs: The Labs provide a controlled online environment, where DFSPs interact with a mock implementation in a self-service manner, getting familiar with basic concepts and processes, and learning how API services work. The Labs is also available as a locally hosted environment, allowing DFSPs to test their implementation against mock services locally.

  • Pre-qualification Sandbox: After a DFSP has completed development work to implement the API services required to integrate with the Mojaloop Hub, they gain access to a sandbox environment. In the sandbox, DFSPs can run further test API calls, validating their code against a real implementation of the Hub, interacting with an environment as if it was real, but still controlled.

  • Production Connection: Once the DFSP has demonstrated compliance with all prerequisites required for entry to the Production environment, they are granted access to the live operational environment.

In each environment, DFSPs are taken through the following phases:

  • Phase 1: Business Setup: In Phase 1, the Hub Operator sets up system identifiers and shares them with the DFSP.

  • Phase 2: Technical Setup: Phase 2 is about sharing endpoint details and certificates.